Botswana Agate Pendant - designed to lay against your skin

Botswana Agate Pendant - designed to lay against your skin

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Botswana Agate Pendant framed with a silver band so that the stone lays against your skin.  The oval yet free-form shape pendant is 1-1/4 inches long.

Botswana Agate meaning:

Botswana Agate is volcanic in origin from 187 million years ago.  Unlike other igneous stones which form in flat layers, these stones formed in waves along rolling in and out of existing fault lines 

Botswana Agate does come from Botswana, Africa.  There it is known as Sunset Stone.  It is believed to hold the sun's light and it is believed to provide safety and security to hose who are alone in the dark.

In Africa, Botswana Agate is used in fertility rituals.

Botswana Agate properties:

This crystal is amazing.  It's the best stone for increasing oxygen intake throughout your body and specifically skin, lungs, blood and brain.  It is excellent for smokers or those who have suffered from smoke inhalation.  Great for life guards - helps revive rescued individuals.  Hold after exposure to X-rays.

Lifts the energy of depression and lethargy.  Encourages wisdom by encouraging reflecting, checking within, slowing down, and learning from past behaviors.  

To use, simply wear on chain, hold, or place in bath or spa when in water.  For pets, attach to collar.