Black Onyx Beads 10mm Round Faceted Beads

Black Onyx Beads 10mm Round Faceted Beads

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8 inch long strand of faceted 10mm round Black Onyx beads.  

Onyx healing properties: 

This stone resonates with breasts, chest and stomach.

Onyx stone properties:  

The perfect crystal for the individual who prefers a life of service that offers unconditional love and compassion.

Onyx spiritual meaning:  

This stone also bestows greater personal love energy on the owner, bringing about romance and a deep sense of peace and satisfaction.

Onyx stone meaning:

Onyx is very similar to agate in its composition, but unlike agate which has bands going every which way, the bands of onyx run more parallel.  

Onyx metaphysical properties:  

Onyx opens up the heart and releases bitterness, regrets and blame followed by true forgiveness and expansion of the spirit.