Black Onyx and Red Jasper Raven Charm Bracelet Halloween Charm Bracelet
Black Onyx and Red Jasper Raven Charm Bracelet Halloween Charm Bracelet

Black Onyx and Red Jasper Raven Charm Bracelet Halloween Charm Bracelet

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Black onyx and Red Jasper stretch bracelet with two Carnelian accent beads on either side of a  silver guru bead sporting a Halloween charm.  This Halloween charm bracelet fits a 6 to 7 inch wrist ... great benefit of an elastic bracelet.  Sterling silver raven charm.

These natural Black Onyx beads and Red Jasper beads vary slightly, but approximately 10mm beads.

Black Onyx meaning: 

The word onyx is derived from a Greek word that pertains to a fingernail or a claw: onychos.

Black Onyx is the crystal for amassing great power and a fortune that you then use to better the world.  It aids your goals, especially the philanthropic ones.  

Encourages originality ... the kind that solves the impossible problems.

Great for issues of apathy, indifference and insensitivity.

Androgynous stone that balances the yin and yang; the feminine and masculine qualities within oneself, relationships, a family, a company, and a community.  

Red Jasper meaning: 

The root word for jasper is a Greek word, iaspis. 

Red Jasper healing properties:

Rudolf Steiner wrote that jasper could help stimulate the olfactory senses.  In traditional crystal healing, red jasper is used for issues concerning the mouth and stomach, such as ulcers or constipation.  It is thought to strengthen the entire gastro-intestinal system as well as the lungs, liver, gall bladder and bladder.

Red Jasper metaphysical properties: 

Red Jasper is full of gusto!  It is the kick in the pants everyone needs when things get sluggish.  It encourages contagious eagerness and enthusiasm.  Very joyous vibration that is a pleasure to be around. 

Want to feel like the life of the party?  Slip this power beads bracelet on!  

Not recommended for individuals who already possess a lot of pride, arrogance or authority.

Carnelian healing properties:

This is pretty much as Martian as it gets!  Carnelian has a powerfully fiery, yet grounding energy that activates the first, second and third chakras. This connection makes Carnelian an excellent self-esteem builder, ideal if you need help voicing your opinions or asking for what you really want. 

Carnelian is the stone of empowerment and courage.  In ancient times, warriors wore carnelian, especially red carnelian, for courage to go into battle.  

On an emotional and mental level, Carnelian aids decision-making, getting grounded, dispelling doubts and taking action.  It also resonates beautifully with the physical body, bringing fresh, vital energy that illuminates physical life. Carnelian calls in high-frequency energy for your meditation or when you actively create.  Carnelian is also very useful for inspiring the next best action to take because of it’s empowering and motivating nature.  Artists love how Carnelian promotes creativity, inspiration and self-affirmation. 

When you first wake-up, before you get out of bed, reach for your crystal bead stretch bracelets with carnelian and place one or more on your navel.  Focus on what you want to manifest for that day.  Carnelian is especially beneficial to women because of it’s hormone-balancing properties and connection with life-giving blood. 

Natural Carnelian is highly variable in appearance and often has inclusions and spots of the outer rock surface as part of the polished stone.  

Natural Carnelian is very magnetic.  Wearing your bead wrist bracelet should make you feel happier.  

This Halloween charm has been cast from high quality .95 sterling silver with a 2mm hole.  This realistic raven bird charm measures 26mm long by 11.5mm wide.  You'd be surprised by how many people love receiving sterling silver Halloween charms such as ravens, bats and skulls. 

And there is a reason yoga bracelets are so popular beyond their spiritual properties.  Gemstones carry a lot of beneficial spiritual qualities making a yoga beads bracelet a true energy beads bracelet.  It's also because wrist beads are so easy to wear.   Wrist beads - bead stretch bracelet - fits a lot of different sized wrists making an elastic bead bracelet a safe gift choice.