AstroCartography Reading City Relocation Report - PDF Version

AstroCartography Reading City Relocation Report - PDF Version

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An Astrological Relocation Report for one city.  The city you choose can be anywhere in the world. 

Relocation astrology is a must if you are considering moving more than 100 miles away or if you want to know what to expect for a temporary relocation or which university location will be most beneficial to you or where to go for your destination wedding or honeymoon.  Locational astrology where you mostly easily find fulfillment, love, happiness, success, partnership, community, and so on.  There usually isn't just one spot that gives you all of these, so be sure to let us know the priority if you want us to look for best places within a state, country, continent or the world at large.

This astrological relocation report is an AstroCartography report.  

After you place your astrology report online order, please email the current name, date of birth, accurate time of birth, and place of birth for you or the recipient to along with your name and the email where you would like to receive the PDF of the astrology report.

Here is a sample of what the report looks like.  This is one I just ran for Conan O'Brien for his move to Los Angeles, well Beverly Hills.

CONAN O'BRIEN  in  BEVERLY HILLS (34N04 25, 118W23 58)
Chart Details:
Conan O'Brien - Natal Chart

Apr 18 1963  1:48 PM  EST +5:00

Boston  42N21 30 071W03 37

Mean Node


This report explores the potential energies available for you in any particular location in the world. The report has evolved from a technique called astro-mapping, which overlays your chart on a map of the world using various methods. This overlay means that certain planets will be stronger in particular geographical areas. Through interpreting these planetary energies we can have an astrological map that tells us the best place to apply for promotions, to go on holidays, to meet lovers, and to live more fulfilled lives in the areas that are important to us.

The different lines listed in this report include Planet/Angle , Planet Direction and Paran lines.
Planet/Angle Lines describe where on the Earth individual planets or stars are culminating or anti-culminating (or on the Midheaven and Imum Coeli) or are rising or setting (or on the Ascendant or Descendant). The Culminate/Anti-culminate and MC/IC lines are always lines of longitude, whereas the rising/setting and Asc/Dsc lines are great circles around the globe and appear to curve on a map viewed in Cartesian or Mercator projection.
Planet Direction or Local Space Lines indicate the direction in which planets or stars are found when looking from the chart's location. These lines are great circles around the globe, starting from the chart's location. The common convention is to continue the line right around the world, back to the starting location. When viewed in Cartesian or Mercator projection, these lines generally appear to curve.
Paran Lines are lines of latitude, indicating where any two astronomical bodies (eg. planets or stars) are in an angular relationship that coincides with the angular relationship between the meridian and horizon at that latitude. For example, if the angle between the Sun and Saturn is the same as that between the meridian and the horizon, for particular latitude, then there is a paran line for the Sun Culminating/Saturn Rising along that latitude.
Let the explorations begin.
Maximum Orb Used: 10°00'
North Node - Rise Line (Orb 1°29': Strong Influence)
Moving along this line can change the course of your life. People you meet and events that take place are likely to change the way that you think and feel about yourself, thus affecting decisions for the future. Hence the direction of your life changes. You experience a real sense of doors opening and closing. Business and personal relationships also play an important role along this line. You are destined to meet individuals or groups of people who deeply affect your sense of self. Ultimately these people will teach you important life lessons, even if the path is a little rocky. Self-development groups, or spiritual groups which enable you to discover more about yourself, may play a major role under this influence. In some cases you may be required to let go of relationships with people who have held you back in the past, or simply because the relationship was destined to end. You can take comfort from the thought that this line is strongly linked with destiny.
Jupiter - Culminate Line (Orb 6°11': Moderate Influence)
The Jupiter line is about being in the right place at the right time. Even if the situation presented does not seem beneficial to your status it will be. With the benefit of hindsight you will later see just how events or people encountered along this line have helped you achieve your goals and dreams. You will feel a sense of prosperity and success in your chosen profession. Promotions, beneficial contacts, opportunities to travel and study, will all be connected with your career along this line. For these reasons you will feel optimistic about your life direction. This is a beneficial line if you are a writer wanting to get published, or if you are wanting to promote your business, or to take a higher profile in your profession. You may even find your life taking a more spiritual or religious direction along this line. In some cases, you may find yourself stretched to the limit in your career. Again it is only with hindsight that you will see the benefits. The only drawback to travelling along this line is that you need to ensure that you do not become grandiose in your expectations of situations or people. The world is your oyster as long as you remain sincere, honest and down-to-earth.
Maximum Orb Used: 10°00'
Planetary Azimuths: Relocated
Azimuth from original location: 086°38 

North Node - Local Space Line - Azimuth 266°29' (Opposite - Orb 0°09': Strong Influence)

Destiny plays a strong role along this line. It may be that you meet people whom you feel certain you have known before, or that you feel a strong attachment to the location. You could reap the rewards of past lives when moving along this line. It is also possible that you will encounter difficult situations as a result of past life mistakes. You may benefit from writing your experiences in a journal so that you can later reflect on how fate played a role in your life. You may also use the lessons learned when moving along this line to teach others later in life. 

Maximum Orb Used: 2°00'
Neptune Lower / North Node Rising (Orb 1°17')
Here you are on a spiritual quest, and your destiny is linked with expressing your artistic and creative talents. Under this influence you will discover that your challenge is to explore  your highest potential and intuition. You may encounter spiritual or artistic groups who help you develop your talents. Your psychic powers and intuition may be heightened under this influence helping you to learn more about your gift to humanity. You may find that you take on a healing role, or spiritually uplifting role in a group, or charity work may be the avenue.

Mercury Lower / Saturn Rising (Orb 1°24')

Concentration and practical plans are featured under this combination. The logical side of your thinking will be emphasized, which can be ideal for any mental project that requires a concerted effort. Business contacts also flourish under this influence, as you are able to get down to serious talking and attention to detail. Perhaps contracts will be signed under this influence. You may discover that your social life suffers because of work commitments or because of a shyness stemming from a lack of familiarity with social customs.
Mercury Upper / North Node Rising (Orb 1°30')
You are destined to improve your communication abilities under this influence. Therefore information of many and varied types may be made available to help you on your quest for knowledge. It may be that you have links with people who help you improve your intellectual abilities, or that you are destined to be the spokesperson for others. Under this influence you may be the recipient of good news.

Saturn Setting / Neptune Lower (Orb 1°42')

Here you have the ability to be both practical and creative. If you have musical or artistic talent you can give it form and make something long lasting under this influence. You may also find that this influence gives some structure to your spiritual beliefs. In other words here you have the discipline and common sense to apply yourself to your innate talents.