Willow Creek Jasper Pendant

Willow Creek Jasper Pendant

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Willow Creek Jasper stone elongated oval-shaped pendant set in Sterling silver.

Garnet and jasper pendant measures 1-15/16 inches long by 3/4 inch wide.  

Willow Creek Jasper meaning:

Willow Creek Jasper, like all jaspers, is a form of Chalcedony, but it has few fractures that have naturally occurred through shifts of the land in contrast to the other fine jaspers.  Jasper appears as a solid, opal gemstone where as agate and quartz allow light to shine through.  Jasper can be composed of various minerals and often has a spotty appearance.  The name jasper is Persian in origin and refers to holding treasure.  

Willow Creek Jasper properties:

Great stone for travelers and students as it assists the owner to learn from experiences and adventures out in the world.  Aids all sorts of communication, so again, an excellent choice for a student, or a teacher for that matter.  Words flow easily and gracefully as Willow Creek smooths out nerve impulses in the brain.  Great gift for a debater, trial attorney, diplomat or mediator.

Also great for stress-reduction as it transmutes stress into self-confidence as each problem is mastered and seen as smaller than the individual.

Also beneficial for impulse-driven individuals as impulsive-inclinations are transmuted into excitement for life and a desire for greater power and wisdom.

Excellent for athletes who want to enhance their coordination.