Aqua Chalcedony Pendant with Peridot adorned tube bail

Aqua Chalcedony Pendant with Peridot adorned tube bail

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Aqua Chalcedony pendant a Sterling Silver triangular shield shape measuring 0.845 of an inch wide by 1.44 inches long.   The stone itself measures 20mm wide at the widest point by 29.5mm long.  The natural peridot is 4mm by 6mm.  The tube bail can accommodate a chain up to 3mm thick.

The bluish green portions are the Aqua Chalcedony, the rest is quartz and the hint of brow is the matrix of the rock that the crystal grew upon.  Chromium and nickel cause the aqua coloring.   

Aqua Chalcedony is not the same thing as Chrysoprase, which is yellowish green in color.  It is a newly found gemstone from Africa. 

Aqua Chalcedony has been named Aquaprase by its Greek discoverer for the Greek words for blue and green.  The matrix is thought to enhance the beauty and emphasize that the aqua coloring is completely natural. 

Peridot metaphysical properties naturally enhance it, so this Aquaprase pendant is a great addition to your Aquaprase jewelry collection.

Aqua Chalcedony meaning:  

Pliny the Elder used the Latin term chalcedonius for a kind of translucent jasper.  However, there is a city in modern Turkey, southeast of Istanbul named Chalcedon, where it is assumed the name came from as there is a lot of Chalcedony there.   

Aqua Chalcedony properties:

Chalcedony encourages psychic perceptions and opens the third eye.  Your soul starts to communicate with you very clearly via your dreams.  You are able to access parts of yourself that are usually inaccessible.  Chalcedony is a great crystal to wear during guided visualization, hypnotherapy or archetypal therapy.

You can also wear this aqua Chalcedony pendant to attract romance that likes to stay for a lifetime.

Chalcedony is really helpful for those born between July 3rd and 12th.

Incredible crystal that leads you into prestige, abundance and success.  Wear your aqua blue chalcedony ring when you need energy that encourages you to think quickly, cleverly and wisely.  

Aqua Chalcedony is also helpful for athletic performance, especially sports that demand physical agility.  

Peridot meaning:

Peridot is highly under-rated.  It stimulates cell regeneration all throughout your body. 

If you wear this pendant on a regular basis, it gradually triggers the release of all the toxins stored in your body. 

You will also be in better communication with your higher self. 

Vibrational medicine works better, such as homeopathic remedies.  Increases awareness with clarity, inspires optimism, and encourages patience.  

Wonderful combination of Saturn and Neptune.