Amethyst Pendulum Large Size

Amethyst Pendulum Large Size

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Brazilian Amethyst Pendulum measures 0.8 inch wide at widest point by 1.45 inch long plus the 9.75 inch chain.

Great color and clarity and point.  Drilled for chain.  Amethyst corresponds to Neptune and Pisces, so it makes an excellent pendulum since both rule the collective unconscious. 

Pendulum uses

To use as a dowsing pendulum or for pendulum divination, hold end of chain with fingertips and get a base reading by asking an absolute question, such as "am I a human being?"  The subconscious mind will unconsciously direct your arm muscles to move the pendulum in a circle.  Make a note what direction it moves in response to this base question as this will always signify a "yes" answer.  The reverse will always signify a "no" answer.

Other Uses of pendulum

You can also use your pendulum crystal in liquid, such as a beverage.  Hold your amethyst in your hand and focus on the image of what you want.  Feel the joy of having what you want.  This will program the crystal.  Pour water or other drink in a plain glass and place your pendulum in the glass leaving the chain out.  Hold you hands over the top of the glass and imagine projecting positive energy and love into the drink.  Essentially, you are blessing the water or juice or beverage of choice.  Now it is sacred and attuned to you.  Remove the pendulum, rinse it off and leave to dry.  Drink the sacred elixir that you have created with gratitude and what things manifest in your life.  Amethyst is especially suited to making dreams come true, quelling the desire of alcohol, attracting protection, and releasing past life frequency of addiction and narcissism within you so that you will no longer attract it to you.

Works as a Wiccan pendulum for your pagan friends.

We also have slightly smaller amethyst crystal pendulums for sale in a separate listing.

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