Amethyst Bracelets with Clear Quartz and Banded Amethyst
Amethyst Bracelets with Clear Quartz and Banded Amethyst

Amethyst Bracelets with Clear Quartz and Banded Amethyst

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Three beautiful bracelets that look phenomenal stacked.

Grape purple natural Brazilian Amethyst bracelet comprised of twenty-two 7mm faceted round beads and sterling silver plated phases of the moon beads strung on super-strong stretch elastic. 

Natural clear Brazilian Quartz bracelet comprised of eighteen 9mm faceted round beads strung on super strong stretch elastic. There is a gorgeous banded chevron amethyst focal bead that measures 13.3mm wide by 20.4mm long.

Natural purple Amethyst bracelet comprised of sixteen 10mm faceted round beads strung on super strong stretch elastic with barrel shaped Spirit Amethyst bead.  Spirit Amethyst is also known as Dream Amethyst.

These bracelets easily fit up to a 6.5 inch wrist.  

Chevon Amethyst meaning:  

The name refers to the zigzag pattern of purple amethyst and white quartz.

Chevron Amethyst spiritual properties:

Brazilian Chevron Amethyst generates incredible balance within the body and mind as the up-and-down energies bring all of the polarities of the body into perfect co-operation.  Stimulates greater interest in life and an agile mind that learns quickly.  Chevron Amethyst is also called banded amethyst, dogtooth amethyst, dream amethyst and spirit amethyst.  

Chevron Amethyst healing properties:

Improves sleep ... wear just your chevron amethyst bracelet before going to bed.  

Chevron Amethyst metaphysical properties:

Great stone for Gemini people born between 21 and 29 degrees Gemini.  Lovely addition to a collection of spiritual jewelry. 

Clear Quartz meaning:  

Clear Quartz crystal is the Earth's gift.  It is the most common crystal and one of the most useful.  It lessens negativity, it raises your consciousness, and increases your psychic ability.  It is an amplifier.  It should be abundantly present in sacred spaces, near supplements, and during meditation and healing. Clear quartz is pure yin: it restores the High Priestess archetype.  It is without ego and therefore brings ego and egos into balance.  

Clear Quartz properties:  

It enables pure vision.  Great for issues pertaining to gastro-intestinal, circulation, lymph, nerves and pineal gland.  Helps detox in a way that fat is released.