Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide: a personalized email report

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide: a personalized email report

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While it’s a given that life will feel backwards during a retrograde, each retrograde brings its own flavor and can feel uniquely challenging!

Of course, Mercury isn't really going backward - it just looks that way.  And when it does, it can cause issues with communication, electronics, transportation, physical coordination, and the ability to think clearly: essentially everything.

How and when you are most affected depends on where Mercury is traveling through your chart and whether other planets are being activated during that time!

Retrogrades are a time for reflection and repair and this report will make sure you’re prepared for what Mercury will be sending your way!

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide is a personalized report on how Mercury going into retrograde will affect you based on your individual chart.  
It will include an overview of the upcoming retrograde along with key dates to be aware of.  Your report gets emailed directly to you.

With this information you will know what area of your life to focus on during the retrograde and how to use this energy to your best advantage!  The guide will clue you in on whether right now is the best time to have that conversation with your significant other, revisit an unfinished work project, return to the gym, have your car worked on, organize your home office, or start writing that blog you've been thinking about!

Mercury Retrograde affects our daily lives and with this Survival Guide you can empower yourself to move through the day focused and aware!

Ordering your report at least two weeks ahead of time is recommended to give you time to integrate the information before the retrograde begins.

Personalized report via email.

This report focuses on the movement of Mercury in your chart only. ~

For a more comprehensive astrological report on upcoming planetary aspects in your chart, look under gift certificates.  You will also see an option for either a 30 minute or 60 minute personal astrology report.