Rhodonite Sphere 67mm

Rhodonite Sphere 67mm

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Rhodonite sphere measures 67mm or 2.63 inches in diameter.  Weighs 18.8 ounces.

Rhodonite meaning: 

Rhodonite is usually red and pink with brown and red rose mottling with patches of black splotches and/or veining which is oxidation of the manganese.

The name Rhodonite comes from a Greek word which means rose-red.  Long ago, it was mined in the Russian Ural mountains.  Now it is mined in Sweden, Australia, India, Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil and North America.

Rhodonite healing properties

Rhodonite is an ancient mystical stone used in Lemuria to harmonize frequencies.  Today it is used to restore sensitivity to pitch and frequency.  Ideal stone for those looking to recapture hearing. 

Eases inflammation of the inner ear.  Place it in a Mason jar of pure water overnight to create an elixir.  Next day, remove the Rhodonite and pour the elixir into an empty dropper bottle.  The water carries the memory of the Rhodonite in a manner similar to homeopathy.  Gives pets suffering from ear mites a few drops in each ear.  Same for babies with earaches. 

Rhodonite metaphysical properties:

Display or store your Rhodonite some place quiet as it is very sensitive to sound.