Clear Quartz Mini Sphere and Ruby Fuchsite Pendant

Clear Quartz Mini Sphere and Ruby Fuchsite Pendant

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Fuchsite pendant offers excellent insulation from others' negativity.

You can wear this as a daily necklace for protection from negativity and also use it as a trusty pendulum.  The little sphere of Clear Quartz measures 10.5mm and the six-sided point of Ruby in Fuchsite measures 1-1/3 inches long.  The pendant measures 2.15 inches long from the top of the bail to the bottom point.  Great addition to your Ruby Fuchsite jewelry collection!

Clear Quartz meaning:  

Clear Quartz crystal is the Earth's gift.  It is the most common crystal and one of the most useful.  It lessens negativity, it raises your consciousness, and increases your psychic ability.  It is an amplifier.  It should be abundantly present in sacred spaces, near supplements, and during meditation and healing. Clear quartz is pure yin: it restores the High Priestess archetype.  It is without ego and therefore brings ego and egos into balance.  

Clear Quartz properties:

This Clear Quartz bracelet enables pure vision.  Great for issues pertaining to gastro-intestinal, circulation, lymph, nerves and pineal gland.  Helps detox in a way that fat is released.  

Ruby Fuchsite meaning: 

Fuchsite contains chromium, which is why it is green.  The shine is because it is a type of mica.  Regular mica has aluminum whereas Fuchsite contains chromium instead.  

Its name comes from Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs, a chemistry and mineralogy professor at the University of Landshut in Germany.  He was also the curator of the mineral collection there.  Karl F. Emil von Schafhautl discovered the mineral and named it to honor von Fuchs in 1842.

Ruby Fuchsite healing properties:

This is a very Virgo-ish stone. Virgo loves to be of service. Fuchsite stone puts the joy back into taking care of others, especially around organization, holistic medicine, and counseling.  It stimulates your awareness of what is good and enjoyable in your everyday life so that you can remember to enjoy the journey. 

Virgo rules the Hermit in tarot.  Hermits are experts at creating sacred space for themselves and insulating themselves from the negativity of the world.  Same goes for this semi-precious stone.  You will especially benefit from its companionship if you are in the vicinity of judgmental, critical or negative people.

Excellent stone for those in the healing, counseling and management professions.