Fossilized Coral Jasper Pendant in round shape.

Fossilized Coral Jasper Pendant in round shape.

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Fossilized Coral Jasper pendant that is round and measures 1.89 inches in diameter.  The bail is 14k gold-plated silver.

We offer chains if you don't have one so that you can immediately wear your new fossilized coral necklace.  

Fossilized Coral Stone meaning: 

Fossil coral is a actually a gemstone.  It is a gemstone formed by the colorless compound of silica replacing the space left by ancient corals remains.  Silica is found in quartz and sandstone. 

The more correct term for fossilized coral is agatized coral or agatized fossil coral.  The silica is in the water and as it moves in and out of the coral remains, it attaches to the definition of the remains in layers.  As it does so, the silica molecules join with other minerals that are present to crystalize into a type of chalcedony or microcrystalline quartz.  This happens slowly as in 20 million years. 

Coral is an animal not a plant.  Their skeletons are what create coral.  Over time, they become fossils.  Their skeletons show up as a kind of flower pattern.  

Agatized coral is not the same as the kind of coral in endangered reefs.  It is a gemstone.  

Fossilized Coral properties:

This is a money stone.  Great for attracting money, beautiful surroundings and luxury through ideas or mental activity rather than hard labor.  Helps get your innovative ideas into the marketplace.  Financial goals are achieved.  

Fossilized Coral helps nerdy-types feel more confident when pitching projects.

Great addition to your collection of fossilized coral jewelry.