Zebra Agate Bead in Shield-Shape

Zebra Agate Bead in Shield-Shape

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Zebra Agate bead measures 2 inches long by 1.6 inches wide triangular shield-shaped pendant. 

Hold Zebra Agate in your hands until you feel yourself relax and let go as you zen out.

Zebra Agate is sometimes called Zebra Jasper, Zebra Quartz, Zebra Onyx, Zebra Stone or Zebra Jasper Stone.

Carry Zebra Agate in your pocket to move through your life more effortlessly and with an aura of zen.  

Zebra Jasper Stone meaning:

As you might surmise, it is named for the Zebra animal due to the similar coloring and patterning.

Zebra Jasper metaphysical properties:

Zebra Agate effortlessly invites the changes you need to release what you no longer need or desire in your life.  Helps divorces go more easily.  As old, outmoded behaviors, ideas, situations and even people release from your life, fresh new situations, philosophies, approaches, ideas and people invites themselves in.

Hold it every day when going through life events that are about release and renewal.