Variscite Pendant in Art Deco Sterling Silver

Variscite Pendant in Art Deco Sterling Silver

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This Variscite pendant is a great gift for an artsy friend or family member.  Nice specimen of Australian Variscite gemstone in a triangular shape in an art deco bow setting.  It measures 1.85 inches long by 0.7 inch wide.

The cabochon measures 26mm long by 17mm across with a bail that will accommodate a chain up to a 5mm wide chain.  

Variscite meaning:

Variscite stone looks like turquoise.  They both often have webbing.  Turquoise is hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum whereas Variscite is hydrated phosphate of aluminum.  Sometimes Variscite is called Variscite Jasper.

Variscite metaphysical properties:

Who knew aluminum phosphate would be so amazing spiritually!  Here is a list of its attributes.

Helps you attune to the feeling of the attainment of your desires.

Vibrates with every sign of the zodiac.

Attracts luxury.

Makes it easier to create and maintain an orderly life.

Hooks you up to enough supply that you can be a philanthropist.

Engenders confidence.

Shifts your vibration to a place where you naturally attract beauty and art.