Unakite Tumbled Pebble Stretch Bracelet

Unakite Tumbled Pebble Stretch Bracelet

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Tumbled pebble stretch Unakite bracelet.

Unakite metaphysical properties:

The name Unakite is easy to remember if you think about how the stone is a union of two other crystals: peach feldspar and green epidote.  And, along those same lines, Unakite is a valuable crystal to hold when you are wanting to bring two things together, i.e., mother and child during pregnancy, newlyweds, introduction of new kitty or puppy into household, opposing family members, etc. 

Unakite is also great for athletes as it improves hand-to-eye coordination.

Product code 97.

The medium size Unakite bracelet is strung with 14 beads.
The large size Unakite bracelet is strung with 15 beads.

Brenda Bannon-Gehrike on Oct 21, 2018 

5 out of 5 stars.   I love this bracelet! It arrived very fast, it's quite lovely and actually very comfortable for a rather heavy stone bracelet, it sits comfortably upon my wrist!  Thank you!  It's GORGEOUS!