Dumortierite aka tumbled Blue Quartz natural tumbled stones by the quarter pound

Dumortierite aka tumbled Blue Quartz natural tumbled stones by the quarter pound

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One quarter pound of tumbled Dumortierite.

Dumortierite is Blue Quartz.  And, as with quartz, it can be opaque like Lapis Lazuli, milky, cloudy, translucent or clear.  This blue quartz palm stone is the opaque variety.  

Blue Quartz meaning is really about Dumortierite stone meaning:

This stone gets its name from a paleontologist: Eugene Dumortier.  As you might guess from the spelling of his name, he was French.  Blue Quartz stone was first written about as Dumortierite in 1881.  

Dumortierite aka Blue Quartz properties:

Sometimes the two names are combined into Blue Dumortierite Quartz.  Dumortierite is also marketed as blue denim stone and blue moon quartz.  

Blue Dumortierite stone was used by the Lemurian's to align the subtle bodies, open the heart and throat chakras and increase longevity.  

Metaphysically, blue Dumortierite encourages the beholder to express his or her spiritual qualities more easily.  It is a combination of Mercurial and Saturnian energies, which make it the perfect crystal for intelligent organization, calm in times of emergency, wise acceptance of reality, and relief for stomach and intestinal upset.  Just as important, and more exciting, is Dumortierite’s ability to turn back the clock.  This is Mercury (the Magician) playing a prank on Old Man Time (Saturn).

Dumortierite healing properties:

Blue Dumortierite quartz is reputed to boost the immune system and extinguish free radicals. 

Dumortierite also enhances assimilation of gold, iodine, iron, oxygen and B vitamins. 

Before it was known as Dumortierite, Blue Quartz healing properties were simply recovery from colds and tired blood.

Working with Dumortierite properties:

Working with Dumortierite helps you release your anxiety and resistance to aging.  Once the fear is gone, you stop attracting negativity associated with aging and you strengthen your life force in the physical. 

To work with Dumortierite, hold the Dumortierite stone between your thumb and index finger for 15 minutes when you first wake up, focusing on breathing in and out through your heart and throat chakras alternatively.  Then put your tumbled blue quartz down and touch the forefinger of the hand that held it to your forehead to stimulate awakening of your third eye. 

Keep your Blue Dumortierite Quartz energized by placing it in a window sill where it can receive the light from the sun rising in the morning.  

The photo shows a random sampling of a quarter pound of tumbled blue quartz.