St Gertrude Patron Saint of Cats Art Print  by Barbara Barratt

St Gertrude Patron Saint of Cats Art Print by Barbara Barratt

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St, Gertrude Patron Saint of Cats hand-signed cat illustration.

Sweet, full-color print of an original illustration by Santa Fe artist, Barbara Barratt.  Richly printed on light-weight card stock with a companion sheet of cardboard making it ready for framing.  

This print is of Saint Gertrude of Nevilles, the patron saint of cats.  

Quote by Saint Gertrude: "Ye shall not possess any beast, my dear sisters, save only a cat."  

The astrological birth chart for Saint Gertrude who was born on March 17, 0626 in Landen (now Belgium), displays north node or point of destiny shows spiritual enlightenment comes through her understanding of cats (19th degree of Leo opposed by Uranus). 

Her family was nobility and it has been arranged for her to marry the son of a duke.  At ten years old she declared that not only would she not marry the duke's son, but that she would never marry.  When her father died, her mother moved the family to Nivelles and established a monastery.  Gertrude was very devout and had memorized most of the bible.  She dedicated herself to the care of widows, orphans and cats.  She was installed as abbess in 639 died in 659. 

She was considered quite psychic and experienced visions. 

Her spiritual practices included long periods of fasting and little sleep and at the age of 30, she had to retired as Abbess and died three years later.  She was born on Saint Patrick's Day and it is recorded that Saint Patrick was at her side when she died.

Saint Gertrude is also the patroness of travelers and gardeners.