Ocean Jasper Pendant with Gold Leave Bail

Ocean Jasper Pendant with Gold Leave Bail

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Rose Pink Madagascar Ocean Jasper pendant in a lovely pear-shape with a 14k gold plated Italian bail.

What is Ocean Jasper?

After years of fruitless searching, Ocean Jasper stone was discovered near Marovato, along the northwest coast of Madagascar, where it can only be mined when the tide is low.  This part of the Madagascar's coast is remote without roads, so the rough stone has to be transported by boats.  

Ocean Jasper stone meaning:

It got its name because it was discovered when the ocean tide slipped away. 

Sea Jasper meaning:

Same reason it is also called Sea Jasper.

Natural Ocean Jasper is a beautiful stone.  It is also called Ocean Jasper Stone, Sea Jasper, Sea Jasper Stone, Orbicular Jasper and Orbicular Ocean Jasper.  Ocean Jasper greatly varies in appearance from piece-to-piece with no two pieces being the same.

Orbicular jasper meaning:

It is also called Orbicular Jasper because there are little orbs or balls within the stone.

Ocean Jasper healing properties:

Ocean Jasper facilitates animal communication.  Excellent crystal for psychic development.

Other Ocean Jasper metaphysical properties:

This is an ideal crystal for Neptune aliens.

This sea jasper pendant measures 2.36 inches long by 1.41 inches wide at its widest point.  This is a really nice addition to an Ocean Jasper jewelry collection.