Orange Scolecite Earrings in Fun Shape

Orange Scolecite Earrings in Fun Shape

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Peachy Orange Scolecite earrings in squarish shape.  Sterling silver frames with stainless steel ear wires.

Each Scolecite stone measures 14mm wide by 14.8 mm high.  Each earring measures 1.3 inches long.  Very nice addition to your scolecite jewelry collection.  

Scolecite stone meaning:

The slightly shaded pattern on the scolecite stone are where needles have broken off.  This stone tends to have a spray of brittle needles that easily break off.  It is usually white or translucent, but sometimes you can find it in red, green or even translucent, but pink or peach are super beautiful.

Orange Scolecite healing properties:

Use for anything in the body that occurs as a pair, such as eyes, ears, lungs, breasts, kidneys, ovaries, shoulders, arms, bands, legs, and feet.

Orange Scolecite metaphysical properties:

Scolecite stone enhances intuition and alignment with cosmic inspiration and vibrancy.  Scolecite is excellent for compassionate leadership.  

Think Princess Leia.