Orange and Blue Sodalite Earrings in Bell Shape

Orange and Blue Sodalite Earrings in Bell Shape

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Genuine Orange and Blue Sodalite earrings comprised of wing shaped cabochons in Sterling Silver frames.  Each earring measures 0.75 inch wide by 1.6 inches long from the top of the ear wire.  The backs of the cabochons are smooth, but have not been polished to a high gloss like the fronts.

Sodalite healing properties:

Sodalite is the best crystal for your lymphatic system, especially after any kind of radiation exposure. 

Sodalite metaphysical properties:

Wear your sodalite earrings for emotional-spiritual exposure  Sodalite attracts the thoughts that enable spiritual awakening and an ability to weave natural wisdom into everyday life.  Sodalite awakens one's genius.  

It is a wonderful crystal for self-made individuals or those desiring to build their own empires.

 It is especially beneficial for serious, honest and modest individuals.  It enables you to gain through clarity and logic thought, so that you can make the best use of your analytic and organizational skills.  

It promotes steady growth.  

Sodalite helps hard workers remember to include downtime and play to relieve stress from too much thinking and work.  

Orange and Blue Sodalite harnesses intelligence and channels it into abundance.