Nuummite Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry
Nuummite Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry

Nuummite Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry

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Authentic Greenland Nuummite Platonic five piece set that includes the following:

a tetrahedron, which has four triangular faces, representing the fire element,
a hexahedron, which has six square faces, representing the earth element, 
an octahedron, which has eight triangular faces, representing the air element,
an icosahedron, which has 20 triangular faces, representing the water element,
and a dodecahedron, which has 12 pentagonal faces, representing the ether or the universal element, 

Nuummite meaning: 

Nuummite is named after the city of Nuuk in Greenland, where it was first discovered in 1810. 

Nuummite magical properties / Metaphysical properties of Nuummite Stone:  

Nuummite from Greenland is somewhat rare and very powerful.  Work with it spiritually with great respect.  The primary dynamic of Nuummite metaphysical energy-wise is that this thing manifests like crazy.  Hold your Nuummite stone only when you are feeling positive and focused, otherwise, leave it alone.  You want the Nuuk Nuummite Greenland as it has a very powerful magnetic field.  You'll feel it when you hold it.  Keep it around you to protect yourself from electric-low-frequency stimulation.  

Nuummite is also spelled as Nuumite or Nummite.  

Other Nuummite properties: 

Excellent stone for focus and manifestation for Gemini people born when the Sun was between 0 degrees and 10 degrees Gemini.  

14B / 12A