Turquoise tumbled natural stone pebble - the master crystal of healing

Turquoise tumbled natural stone pebble - the master crystal of healing

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Natural, untreated, non-irradiated, non-stabilized tumbled Turquoise pebbles.

Beautiful, authentic, untreated (not dyed or stabilized with resin) tumbled turquoise pebbles ranging in size from 1/4" to 1/2".  Sold as a packet of five pebbles.

Turquoise Stone meaning:

There is a lot to be understood about Turquoise meaning if you are familiar with the zodiac signs as it is a combination of Cancer and Pisces energies and specifically enhances those born during the last ten days of the sign of Cancer.  Excellent stone to wear during hypnosis.  

Turquoise often appears to a shaman or seer to be aware of a message to follow.  

Turquoise Stone benefits:

Handling Turquoise encourages confidence to follow one's heart with conviction.  Consequently, the owner lives a life of honor.  

If you need a more orderly or methodical lifestyle, keep your turquoise out on display.  

Carry your real Turquoise pebbles in your pocket to business meeting to insure that you are treated with respect and that a fair deal is struck.  Also, turquoise stone is great to wear when choosing stocks or any kind of investment transaction.

Keep your turquoise near your bedside so that passion combines with love.

Turquoise healing properties:

Ancient Egyptians incorporated real Turquoise into the saddles for horses and camels to give them strength and fortitude.

Carrying real Turquoise pebbles and imbibing turquoise elixir is advised for humans to strengthen both the structural body and the immune system.  Perhaps this is because the body is better able to assimilate what's needed from one's diet.  Turquoise elixir is often administered to those with anorexia.

Turquoise stimulates tissue regeneration so hold these pebbles to the appropriate area following surgery, especially plastic surgery.  This may be because real turquoise (as opposed to dyed Howlite) gets blood flowing into muscle tissue.

Put them in a little silk sari bag and tuck in your pocket.