Lightning Azurite with Quartz Druzy Earrings

Lightning Azurite with Quartz Druzy Earrings

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Talk about statement earrings!  These are show-stoppers.  Gorgeous aqua quartz druzy slices with teardrop of Lightning Azurite in Quartz dangle earrings.

The Lightning Azurite in Quartz cabochons each measure 10.5mm wide by 16mm long.

Lightning Azurite with Quartz meaning:

Lightning Azurite is an amazing crystal for spiritual vision, poetic expression, dream-tending, visualization, and the ability to see others' paths. 

Quartz Druzy meaning: 

Quartz druzy crystal lessens negativity, raises your consciousness and increases your psychic ability.  It is an amplifier.  There are excellent earrings to wear while meditating.  

Quartz restores the High Priestess archetype.  It is without ego and therefore brings ego into balance.  This includes others' egos.  

Quartz Druzy healing properties:

Wear these earrings to assist with vision, circulation, lymph, nerves, pineal gland and digestion.  Also when detoxing.