Larvikite Pendant with Black Onyx

Larvikite Pendant with Black Onyx

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Larvikite pendant in oval shape measures 1.24 inches wide by 1.34 inches long.  The Larvikite cabochon measures 17.5mm by 31mm.  Lovely tube bail adorned with a 6mm round faceted black onyx gemstone.  The bail can accommodate up to a 3mm wide chain.

Larvikite metaphysical properties

Larvikite stone is a must for workaholics.  If that's you, you will love how you can work more effectively while incorporating more joy and delight into your work.  In no time at all, you'll start pausing to breathe deeply and meditate for a few moments.

Larvikite healing properties: 

Excellent for reproductive health.

Great addition to your collection of Larvikite jewelry.  

Black Onyx meaning:  The word onyx is derived from a Greek word that pertains to a fingernail or a claw: onychos.  

Black Onyx healing properties: 

Onyx is great for the heart, capillaries, kidneys, skin and nerves.  Recommended for stress reduction.  Black Onyx opens the first, third and sixth chakras.  Black Onyx also balances the feminine and masculine within a person.