Laguna Lace Agate Earrings Adorned with Garnet Gemstones

Laguna Lace Agate Earrings Adorned with Garnet Gemstones

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Laguna Lace Agate earrings adorned with round garnet gemstones.

Laguna Lace Agate meaning and properties:

Laguna Lace Agate is not for everyone.  It favors psychics, dreamers, musicians, dancers, and poets.  It creates the space in time where you can just hang suspended in the moment and tune in to what is really going on.  This is one of the best crystals for centering yourself, stilling your mind, accessing your Higher Self, and connecting with the Divine vision of yourself, others and the planet.  

Laguna Lace Agate helps you go with the flow so that you naturally align with all kinds of fluidity, such as much, dance, dreams, poetry and psychic phenomena.

Garnet meaning:  

The word garnet comes from granatum, which is Latin for pomegranate.  

Garnets are all about getting comfortable with fame, enjoying life to the fullest, and being honored by your peers.  Garnet is a great gem for those in the entertainment industry.  Garnet helps introverts feel more comfortable in public.  

Physiologically, Garnet strengthens your thyroid, heart, liver and kidneys.  Helps alleviate sexual issues.  

Earrings measure just shy of 2 inches long.