Hematite Pebble Bracelet

Hematite Pebble Bracelet

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16 tumbled, shiny Hematite pebbles strung on super-strong elastic.

Hematite stone is a wonderfully grounding and protective crystal.  This is a great addition to your natural hematite jewelry collection.

Hematite properties:

Hematite has strength in its magnetism.  It is a combination of gentleness and fortitude.  

In a person, Hematite emphasizes the individual's strength through character traits of tolerance, dependability, fairness, determination and steadfastness.  The magnetic quality of Hematite comes through as devotion to friends, poise and a magnetic personality.  

Hematite people, those who muscle test very strongly to Hematite, tend to do well financially and achieve success through positions of power. 

Hematite meaning:

Hematite genuine, as the name suggests, is about strengthening your blood, more specifically, the walls of your red blood corpuscles.  

Astrological Hematite jewelry benefits:

Magnetic hematite is really helpful for Aries and Cancerian's born between July 3rd and 13th.