Golden Obsidian Hand-Carved Green Man

Golden Obsidian Hand-Carved Green Man

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Golden Obsidian is also known as Gold Sheen Obsidian or Golden Sheen Obsidian.  Lovely meditation palm stone that measures 1.9 inches in diameter.

Golden Obsidian meaning:

Obsidian forms along the edges of silicate-rich volcanic lava that has cooled relatively quickly usually from coming into contact with cold air or water. 

It is classified as a mineraloid since it didn't actually crystalize.  It is primarily silicon dioxide. 

Golden Obsidian is Obsidian with an iridescent quality.  When a lot of tiny gas bubbles are present as the lava cooled, they act like layers of patterns of minuscule mirrors.  This makes the obsidian iridescent giving it a sheen.  That is why Golden Obsidian is also called Golden Sheen Obsidian.

Golden Obsidian metaphysical properties:

Golden Obsidian helps sensitive types stay aligned with their feelings and courage to speak from their gut.  It absorbs negative energy coming off judgmental or shaming people, making it safe for empaths, psychics and sensitive folk to stay open and trusting. 

Feng Shui and holding a Gold Sheen Obsidian amulet:

Golden Sheen Obsidian is powerfully transformative having been born of earth, fire, air and water.   This Golden Obsidian meditation stone resonates with a primal force that absorbs and neutralizes negative energy that then becomes available as creative energy.  Hold it in your left hand. 

A real obsidian medallion is often recommended to raise one's vibration for financial gain.   So much so, this Reiki piece is often called an obsidian wealth art piece.  

Holding a natural obsidian stone is excellent for digestion ailments caused by repressed emotion.  

Golden Obsidian is the best stone for Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in Cancer, as well as Cancer rising. 

Sometimes the Green Man is depicted as staring out through the trees or his hair or beard is made of leaves.  And some show him with leaves growing out of his mouth, nostrils or ears.  He represents springtime and growth.  

He is akin to Windwose, the wild man of the woods, the mythic god of the woodlands.  

Nice carved crystal for a pagan friend.

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