Ammonite Earrings Silver with Herkimer Diamonds Sacred Geometry

Ammonite Earrings Silver with Herkimer Diamonds Sacred Geometry

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Fossilized Ammonite silver earrings topped with 9mm A grade double-terminated Herkimer Diamond.  Each earring measures just under 2 inches long by 0.57 inch wide.  9mm Herkimer Diamonds point-to-point wide.  "A" quality with minor inclusions.  Solid sterling silver.

Fossilized Ammonite meaning and properties: 

The shell of the ammonite was originally composed of aragonite which becomes unstable under high temperature and pressure.  When it is unstable, it reverts to calcite.  The process occurs over tens of millions of years.  

Similar to the shell of abalone, the ammonite shell's inner surface had layers of mother of pearl.  This is actually the layers of aragonite sandwiched in between proteins.  As the shell turns into a fossil, the mother of pearl layer might also transform into ammonite, which is akin to a layer of opal.  And who can resist the sacred geometry of an ammonite?

Herkimer Diamond meaning:

Herkimer Diamond Double Terminated Crystals hand-mined in Herkimer.  Herkimer Diamonds are colorless crystals that look like diamonds even though they are natural, rough crystals. 

Herkimer Diamond properties:

Whereas Quartz crystals broadcast information, Herkimer Diamonds store information.  The authentic Herkimer's, which these are, were mined in Herkimer, New York.  Herkimer's formed during the Cambrian Age.  They are about 500 million years old.  They are an incredibly clear form of quartz.

Herkimer Diamond metaphysical properties:

Herkimer's align you with your heart's ultimate desires, both spiritually and materially.  These crystals are about having it all!

Herkimer's are associated with attainment and completion.  Numerologically, they are a culmination of all the values of numbers zero through twelve and rule the twelve months in a year and the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Herkimer Diamond healing properties:

Excellent for liver, gall bladder, bladder and intestines.