Energy Pyramid Kit 10 inch size
Energy Pyramid Kit 10 inch size
Energy Pyramid Kit 10 inch size
Energy Pyramid Kit 10 inch size
Energy Pyramid Kit 10 inch size

Energy Pyramid Kit 10 inch size

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I bought my first pyramid kit from Nick Edwards, who was more affectionately known as the pyramid man, in the mid-1980's.  They were solid copper tubes back then and still worked well.  Then I started repping for him 20 years ago through the many development evolutions.  When he passed away, I had to step in to complete outstanding orders for his company and mine.  

And although his hands are no longer part of the manufacturing process, we are making them adhering to the same principles, including the Tesla "tune-up" at the end before shipping out each kit.  

The tubes are 10 inches long and are made of an alloy of aluminum and titanium and anodized gold.  The pyramid sits 7 inches high.

We have personally tried the many experiments listed in the pamphlet of the kit. Some we did not prove to be especially dramatic and then we learned about two important factors that changed the outcomes to amazing:

1) Use the compass that is included with the kit to align it with true north!  Slide it on to one of the longer tubes before assembling.

2) Use smaller objects with a smaller pyramid.  Mass to volume ratio is most ideal when your object occupies 5% of the interior dimension of the pyramid.

You will receive four long and four slightly shorter tubes, along with gold plastic connectors. Start by sliding one of the longer pipes through the compass strap. The compass allows you to align your pyramid with true north.

If you are hanging your pyramid as a mobile, you don't need the compass.

Make a square using the four longer tubes and four of the connector hubs. You have to twist the tubes onto the connectors.  This aluminum-titanium alloy is fairly accommodating so you'll be able to do this yourself.  It takes a couple of minutes.  If you struggle to get a tube onto the leg of a connector hub, switch to a different leg of the connector.  

Next, take the four shorter tubes and make the pyramid structure by attaching one to each of the connector hubs of the square. Then connect all the shorter tubes to the remaining fifth connector hub. 

Fun Experiments:

Watch sick plants recover when you water them with pyramid water. Make pyramid water by placing an undecorated glass of water in the pyramid overnight.

Watch how your pyramid attracts your pet's attention. Hyper pets calm down just having a pyramid in the house. Put their food and water in the pyramid for an hour and enhance their health.

Pyramids raise energy. Put a lemon inside your pyramid with a glass of water overnight. In the morning, sip your water and notice how it has a lemon flavor.

Place your fruit in the pyramid overnight and notice how delicious they taste the next day ... as though tree-ripened overnight.

Place your vegetables in your pyramid for an hour before eating or cooking.

All cut flowers last longer by filling the vase with pyramid water.

Let your frozen food defrost inside your pyramid so that it tastes just like fresh food.

Put one cup of coffee in the pyramid and one ten or more feet away. Wait one minute. Taste the difference

Natural dessert placed in the pyramid for a few minutes tastes fantastic. Artificially-sweetened desserts placed in the pyramid lose flavor.

If you smoke, place your cigarettes in the pyramid overnight. The pyramid is said to eliminate the more harmful effects of tobacco. Many smokers find it easy to quit by smoking cigarettes out of the pyramid.

Use your pyramid to tune up your crystals.

Five Star Review: I bought this copper pyramid for my boyfriend and he loves it. He keeps many items under it on any given day: fruit, gemstones, water bottle ..... it is really great. It was super simple to set up as well. Highly recommend.  

4-14-2013 Meg Brooklyn

Five Star Review: If you're interested in exploring the potential of pyramid power, this little kit is worth the investment.  It's a good-sized pyramid, goes together easily, the connectors are appropriate. I'm guessing the connectors are supposed to be shoved hard into the tubes, because it seems like every time I (or somebody) moves the pyramid a little bit, one of the tubes comes loose. But I'm not willing to risk breaking anything by pushing hard, because I like the pyramid.  

10-4-2012 Glenda M.

Five Star Review: Good product, fast shipping.

4-2-2015 Trever Coaly

Five Star Review: Working

4-20-2015 Birdevinder

Four Star Review: I bought this "Pyramid Research Kit" on a rather skeptical note. Mine came with a sheet claiming among other things that if you place your razor in the pyramid between shaves - the razor's blades would become sharper. I tried this. My razor (brand/model: Quatro)shaved a little rough so I decided this is a good one to see if it will give me a smoothe shave after having it under the pyramid. I shaved with it today using the same shaving cream that I've been using right along and I was shocked to say it indeed gave me a smoother shave! It's back under the pyramid now as instructed.

The sales lady (I didn't buy it from Amazon, but it is made by the same guy, Nick Edwards) told me I can put my supplements, vitamins, food, etc. under it to "charge the items" so I did. So far, as far as food is concerned I've placed a bag of almonds under it. They tasted a little dry the first day which is the way they normally taste to me. Today is the 2nd day that I've had them under the pyramid and they actually taste a little sweeter than normal. Much tastier! Maybe it took an extra day to "charge" through the plastic bag that they are in.

So far, I have to give this product at least a 4 star rating based on the couple of experiments I tried. I haven't had it long enough to try too many other things just yet, but its off to a great start. I'm pretty excited with just these two results!

On a bizarre (unexplainable) note, I was missing my bottle of Zantac for a day or two. After I purchased, assembled (you have to assemble it when you get it brand new in the box - just follow the instructions and its fairly easy to do), and set up my pyramid up in my room... about maybe 15 minutes later I found my bottle of Zantac right next to it. That was very weird! I'd like to think logically, it was there the whole time and I just didn't notice it, but I honestly have to say I don't know. Its just weird that I finally found my Zantac right next to the pyramid! So far, I'm finding that it is interesting that it charges what is under it like in the picture for this product, on top of it, and near it. :D

There are what they call "crystal connectors" but they are also referred to as crystal-like. Believe me they a just plastic. That's the only other thing I can think of to tell you (the reader) about this product: be careful when assembling it, don't force the rods onto the plastic "Crystal-like" connectors, you don't want them to break. ;0)

4-19-2010 R.P.