Larimar Pendant with Kyanite accent

Larimar Pendant with Kyanite accent

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Beautiful aqua-blue Dominican Republic Larimar Stone pendant with a polished oval blue Kyanite mounted in sterling silver.

Larimar meaning:

Hold Larimar Stone when you need clarity for making a wise decision, especially in matters of love, money, responsibility, business, and parenting.  Larimar Stone lightens the mood, frees us from responsibilities that we do not need to shoulder, improves our ability to specify boundaries, and frees us from people and situations that seek to obligate, shame or involve us in something shady.  

Larimar Stone is a great crystal for protection.  Larimar Stone is a wonderful combination of Venus and Saturn.

Blue Kyanite meaning:

Kyanite stone is a master crystal is named after the Greek word kyanos, which means deep blue.  

If a Kyanite gemstone were a person, she would be a lovely water sprite or a mermaid that brings your visions and dreams to life.  She would represent the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and relay messages to you from your subconscious mind.  Her skin would probably be light complected and her long hair would be braided as a representation of the subconscious, conscious and higher selves integration.  Comely and compassionate, her voice would be sweet yet powerful.  She would consider herself a muse to spiritual leaders and great sages.

Blue Kyanite properties:

Especially helpful for individuals born from July 3rd to July 13th.

Blue Kyanite healing properties:

As with many blue healing stones, Blue Kyanite attracts opportunities for love, marriage, recognition, help from superiors, and all of the resources needed for the fulfillment of your heart's desires.

Other Kyanite metaphysical properties:

Excellent pendant to wear or focus on for the purposes of meditation, guided visualization, hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

2 inches long by .63 inch at widest point.