Coral Shell Jasper Sphere 50mm wide.  Exceptional!

Coral Shell Jasper Sphere 50mm wide. Exceptional!

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Coral Shell Jasper sphere that measures just under 2 inches in diameter or 50mm.

Coral Shell Jasper metaphysical properties:

Coral Shell Jasper is very dramatic looking: orbs and crescent of white and gray against a dark charcoal background.  This crystal brings about agreement, mediation and harmony between polarities.  Handling it regularly increases your social cue awareness, diplomacy, mediation and peace-making.  You find yourself welcomed wherever you go.  Agitated individuals become more quiet, calm and gentle.  Great for hyper-active types who want to feel patient, balanced and poised.

This is also a good choice for stimulating your imagination, getting pregnant, healing reproductive system issues or being present to a process.

This sphere weighs 6.3 ounces and is the perfect shape for holding or for meditation.

Product code 15B.