Chakra Dragon Balinese Batik Rayon Banner

Chakra Dragon Balinese Batik Rayon Banner

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Batik wall hanging from Indonesia; Balinese decorative accessories

This beautiful batik banner is really meditation art or spiritual art as a fabric wall hanging made in Bali in Indonesia by a group of women from the Ubud region.  Batik is a resist-dye process.  Wax is applied in the design or areas that stay white, such as the drawing of the pattern itself.  The dyes are painted on and blended.  The dyes do not cross over the wax lines.  Once the dyes are permanent, the wax is removed and the banners are spread out to dry.  This time-honored, hand-made process is what renders the amazing detail and watercolor look to the the cloth wall hanging.  

Once dry, the fabric wall hanging banner is hemmed by village craftswomen.  Great as Balinese garden decor, these batik art wall hanging tapestries  are machine-washable on a cold water cycle and machine-dry on gentle.

This Buddhist wall hanging tapestry measures 41 inches wide by 74 inches long.  The top of the wall hanging tapestry is folded over to create a 1-3/4 inch pocket for a dowel or rod.  They make them a little differently each time, but the print you receive will pretty closely resemble the photo here.

What are chakras?  

The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit.  Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language.  The psyche or causal plane is different from the physical body while being energetically connected and interactive with the it along with the astral plane.  There are numerous connections, but there are seven chakra connections from the base of the spine to the top of the head that are the primary points of interaction.  The energy exchanges causes them to rotate or spin like wheels, which is why they were named chakras. 

Here is a list of the seven chakras depicted in your chakra banner with their correlative locations, colors, elements and functions.

1st Chakra aka Root Chakra is located at the tailbone.  Its color is red and its element is earth.  It is about survival, connection to the earth, safety and instinctual behavior.

2nd Chakra aka Sacral Plexus Chakra is located along the spine between the pubic bone and the belly button.  Its color is orange and its element is water.  It is about sex, joy, creativity, reproduction, identity, self-esteem and enjoying the sweetness of life. 

3rd Chakra aka Solar Plexus Chakra is located along the spine above the stomach.  Some say it is aligned with the navel.  Its color is yellow and its element is fire.  It is about ego, will, closely-held desires, nourishment (digestion), impulse and control

4th Chakra aka Heart Chakra is located along the spine at the level of the heart.  Its color is green and its element is air.  It is about acceptance, love, compassion and spirituality.  

5th Chakra aka Throat Chakra is located along the spine at the level of the base of the throat where the thyroid is.  Its color is blue and its element is gas or etheric.  It is about communication and clairaudience.  

6th Chakra aka Third Eye Chakra is located between the brows.  Its color is indigo blue and its element is light.  It is about understanding, imagination, rational thought and clairvoyance.

7th Chakra aka Crown Chakra or Thousand Petaled Lotus Blossom is located at the top of the head.  Its color is iridescent lavender and its element is light and ether.  It is about the connection to Divine Source.

Boho wall hanging makes a great gift for a student.  Students love this kind of dorm tapestry wall hangings.