Black Onyx Heart balances your masculine and feminine.

Black Onyx Heart balances your masculine and feminine.

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Black Onyx Heart that measures 1-3/4 inch wide; endearing puffy heart!

Natural Black Onyx benefits:

Black Onyx mineral is the crystal for amassing great power and a fortune that you then use to better the world.  It aids your goals, especially the philanthropic ones.  You've probably heard about black onyx protection.  It is a very powerful protector because it balances whatever energy is coming at you.  It zaps negativity with positivity.

Encourages originality ... the kind that solves the impossible problems.

Great for issues of apathy, indifference and insensitivity.

Black Onyx metaphysical properties:

Androgynous stone that balances the yin and yang; the feminine and masculine qualities within oneself, relationships, a family, a company, and a community.

Great for opening your 1st, 3rd and 5th chakras.

Black Onyx healing properties:

You can really benefit from Black Onyx properties if you use it to make a gem elixir.  

Other Black Onyx stone benefits are enhancement of heart, kidneys, nerves, skin and capillaries.  Black onyx stone has a regenerative quality.

Black Onyx stone meaning: 

It's more about the meaning of onyx than it is about black onyx meaning.  The name Onyx comes a Greek word that means a fingernail or a claw.  This is because onyx forms in an array of colors, one of the most common being layers of golden tan and light, medium and dark brown hues that looks like flesh tones with layers of white that look like white fingernail on top of layers so that it looks like fingers.