Serpentine Palm Stone for your pocket

Serpentine Palm Stone for your pocket

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Serpentine palm stone.  I like these flat, palm-sized stones as I am not the most natural meditator.  Much easier with a palm stone in each hand.

Serpentine meaning:

This green Serpentine palm stone is from Italy.  Named after a serpent because the stone's coloration is similar to that of a particular snake's skin in ancient Italy.  As with many green stones, Serpentine stimulates psychic ability and prosperity.  That's why these kinds of stones make such great meditation stones.

Serpentine healing properties:

It also oxygenates your red blood cells and increases cell regeneration.  

Hold it over your third eye to increase psychic ability.  

This is a great stone to incorporate into a chakra layout over your body.  Place it over your third eye and/or your heart.  

Gently rub it over your face following a facial or hold over bandaged areas following surgery.  

Often used to ameliorate herpes symptoms.  Just hold stone to lesion for a minute or so throughout the day until symptoms disappear.