7 Chakra Gemstone Studded Black Tourmaline Point Pendant

7 Chakra Gemstone Studded Black Tourmaline Point Pendant

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Polished Black Tourmaline point with a silver-plated bail cap studded with natural gemstones on each of the six sides, each corresponding to a chakra, with amethyst on the bail.  

Each pendant is handmade and differs slightly from one to another, but on the average, each measures 1-3/4 inches long.  Black tourmaline is a naturally rough stone with strong "stringy" kind of composition.  So you can expect a naturally occurring flaw on the point.  Black Tourmaline also offers you instant EMF protection.  This is a really nice addition to your collection of EMF protection jewelry.

The following gemstones are usually, but not always, used for the chakra stones: garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, clear quartz, lapis lazuli and amethyst.

The 7 rainbow colors correspond with the seven chakras and the endocrine system.  
Violet for the crown of the head, pituitary gland and our connection with universal energies.
Indigo for the middle of forehead (third eye), pineal gland and our ability to forgive and feel compassion.  
Blue for the throat, thyroid gland and our physical and spiritual communication.  
Green for the heart, thymus gland and for love and our sense of responsibility.
Yellow for the solar plexus, adrenal glands and our power and ego.  
Orange for the lower abdomen, pancreas gland and our emotions and sexuality.  
Red for the base of the spine, gonad glands and our connection to the earth, grounding and survival.  
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