Mini Smudge Sticks of Sustainably Harvested White Sage 3 sticks

Mini Smudge Sticks of Sustainably Harvested White Sage 3 sticks

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3 mini White Sage Smudge Sticks of Sustainably Harvested White Sage 

The art of smudging is founded in Native American tradition.  It is used to cleanse, protect and heal, especially with white sage smudge.  

White Sage helps you reconnect with Mother Earth.  

100% natural white sage.

Made in USA.

How to use a smudge stick or smudge bundle /smudge wand:

1.  In addition to your smudge stick, you will need a candle, matches or a lighter, and a fireproof bowl.  Put your candle, the dish and the smudge stick on a table.

2.  Light the candle.  Thank the fire as in a prayer and then hold the tip of your smudge stick over the flame so that it catches fire.  Lift it away from the fire and wave it a bit so that the flame goes out and the stick starts to smoke and smoulder.

3. Carry your lit smudge stick over the plate so that embers don't fall to the floor.  Some people use a feather, such as an owl feather, to fan the smoke to disperse it.  

4.  Rest the smudge stick in your plate or bowl and use your feather or your hand and wave the smoke around the door of your office or the front door of your home.  Smudge in a clockwise motion.  Be sure to get the smoke well into the corners, around the drapes, and under the furniture.  Open all the spaces up in the room, such as closets and cabinets.  

5. Take your time so that you have thoroughly covered all enclosed areas, including bathrooms, garages, pantry, potting shed, and storage sheds.  Finish your smudge tour back at your front door or the door to your office.  

6.  Smudge yourself by holding the smudge stick near your feet and waving the smoke around your feet and then slowly raise your dish with your smudge stick and continues to save smoke all around your legs, torse, each arm, neck and head.  Do the same for each member of the family, including pets, except for birds and fish.  Open the windows and doors for a bit, weather permitting.

7.  Extinguish your smudge stick, either by putting out the embers against the plate or in a small bowl of sand that you keep for this purpose.  Store your smudge stick for when you need it next.

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