Year of the Pig!  Red Jasper Pig Figurine
Year of the Pig!  Red Jasper Pig Figurine
Year of the Pig!  Red Jasper Pig Figurine
Year of the Pig!  Red Jasper Pig Figurine

Year of the Pig! Red Jasper Pig Figurine

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A happy pig figurine carved out of Red Jasper.  We just have one of these precious carvings.

Pigs are highly intelligent and very playful animals and love to explore and kick-back and enjoy the sunshine.  Sometimes Red Jasper looks a little more orange or brown, which is the case with this figurine.  Still has all the same great qualities.

Red Jasper meaning:

The root word for jasper is a Greek word, iaspis.

Red Jasper healing properties:

Rudolf Steiner wrote that jasper could help stimulate the olfactory senses.  In traditional crystal healing, red jasper is used for issues concerning the mouth and stomach, such as ulcers or constipation.  It is thought to strengthen the entire gastro-intestinal system as well as the lungs, liver, gall bladder and bladder.

Red Jasper metaphysical properties: 

Red Jasper is full of gusto!  It is the kick in the pants everyone needs when things get sluggish.  It encourages contagious eagerness and enthusiasm.  Very joyous vibration that is a pleasure to be around. 

Not recommended for individuals who already possess a lot of pride, arrogance or authority.

This hand-carved and polished pig figurine measures 2.5 inches long by 1.62 inches wide by 1.81 inches high.  Weighs 4.9 ounces.

Great addition to a collection of carved gemstone animals.  Great for those born during Year of the Pig, such as 2019!  The pig is such a good luck animal.

Western culture tends to depict pigs as slovenly, but this reputation seems very unfair given the lack of care provided.  The trend for pigs as pets has really taught us the lovely virtues of this misunderstood animal.  In Chinese culture, the pig is seen as a symbol of wealth, abundance, fertility, prosperity and good fortune.

More than oink, pigs tend to make a sound like groink.  They also squeal, bark and grunt a lot.