Table Mountain Shadowkite Pendant with Moonstone accent

Table Mountain Shadowkite Pendant with Moonstone accent

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Table Mountain Shadowkite pendant with Rainbow Moonstone accent. 

Petal shape setting in sterling silver.  The tube shaped bail attached at the top has a 3mm opening.  The pendant measures 1.5 inches long by .83 inch wide at widest point.  

Table Mountain Shadowkite meaning: 

Shadowkite is a type of chrysocolla, although it is actually composed of three additional minerals in addition to chrysocolla: Malachite, Azurite and cuprite.  

Shadowkite properties:

Shadowkite is a stone of great spiritual strength.  It attract seekers of truth with encouragement to listen to the ancient knowledge within.  

This combination chrysocolla crystal has a strong fertile and creative frequency.  Works for procreativity as well.  

If you need a crystal for an upcoming birth, wedding and the opening of a new business, wear this pendant.  Clears out confusions an indecision so that you can make decisions from a place of great clarity and insight.

If you have a friend that is a warlock, Shadowkite is an excellent gift.

Rainbow Moonstone meaning: When the two types of Feldspar that make up Moonstone are very thin layers interspersed with each other, this great iridescent quality known as adularescence is produced.  It is the bluish glow that seems to emanate from within the gemstone.  Moonstone is also called Adularia.

Moonstone properties: 

Rainbow Moonstone resonates with the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and intestines.  Also works on the pituitary gland.  Improves digestion and is essential for individuals with ulcers and acid reflux. Excellent for stress reduction and for mothers who worry too much about their children.  Excellent for pregnant, laboring and nursing women.