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Saganite Agate meaning:

Saganite is one of the inclusion agates.  There is moss agate, dendrite agate, plume agate and saganite agate.  The more proper term is Sagenitic Agate.  It is the more rare of the inclusion minerals.  They resemble their names.  Moss agate looks like moss.  Dendrite agate looks like dendrites or nerves or ferns or trees.  Plume agate looks like feathers.  And Saganite agate has hair or needle-like mineral markings usually in the shape of a fan or starburst.  This happens when a mineral oxide is present at the time the agate is forming, such as iron oxide or manganese oxide.  The oxide grows while the crystal is still in a liquid or gel like state.  

Saganite Agate properties:

A Saganite Agate pendant is excellent to wear to escalate your rise up the corporate ladder.  Also helpful for teachers, explorers and athletes who need to be visible and commanding in the world.

Saganite Agate has a reputation for attracting inheritance that seems to be valid.  

Great crystal for those born during the last ten days of the sign of Sagittarius.

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