Rhodochrosite Pendant in crescent shape with Stalactite pattern

Rhodochrosite Pendant in crescent shape with Stalactite pattern

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Gorgeous Rhodochrosite pendant with lovely markings from the stalactite pipe where this Rhodochrosite stone was cut.  You are looking at half of the circle of the cut of the stalactite.  Nice raspberry pink.  Outstanding translucent quality from old stock from Argentina.  A collectible piece.  Sterling silver crescent frame setting that is open on the back.

Rhodochrosite properties:

Rhodochrosite has more than physically healing properties; it is also a great balancing crystal.  Great for a detox program, especially for those concerned with diabetes. 

Rhodochrosite metaphysical properties:

Also very balancing to the emotions, restoring a proper sense of self and identity in the world.  Mentally, this crystal helps you move from a negative thought to a more positive awareness. 

Often recommended for narcolepsy.

Physically, place your pendant in your bath over your stomach so that you benefit your pancreas, spleen and kidneys.

Emotionally, place it in a glass of water or mug of herbal tea and sip through straw.  Rinse off before wearing.

To improve your level of positive thinking, or for Narcoleptics, expose the pendant to orange light for 8 to 10 minutes and then wear.  

This Rhodochrosite pendant measures 2 inches long by 0.93 inch wide.  Great addition to your collection of Rhodochrosite jewelry.

Rhodochrosite is pink when it crystallizes with calcium instead of iron carbonate.  


Rhodochrosite meaning:

The Incan's believed their rulers' blood turned into crystal when they died, which was the rhodochrosite.