Faden Clear Quartz Necklace Crystal Tab for Ultimate Alignment

Faden Clear Quartz Necklace Crystal Tab for Ultimate Alignment

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Faden Clear Quartz necklace. 

The crystal tab from Pakistan strung on a 17 inch 1mm Sterling Silver snake chain.

Faden Quartz meaning:

Faden means thread in German.  This formation of tabular quartz has a white line or string running through it.  

These crystals formed in the holes of rocks in situations where they were repeatedly broken and reformed as they grew.  As broken edges came back together in the reformation, liquids and gases in the vicinity got incorporated into the newly formed crystal.  They enclosed liquid and gas created the white thread or line in the middle of the crystal.  

Faden Quartz metaphysical properties:

This is a very intellectual crystal for individuals who are able to think more conceptually than others in abstracts. 

It is ideal for anyone who chooses to serve humanity through their pursuit of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.   This pursuit transcends their ego-inclined goals.  For this person, being able to live in alignment with their spiritual principles is their definition of freedom, truth and soul satisfaction.  

Great choice for modest leaders who unexpectedly find themselves in the position of role models.  

Faden Quartz summons the highest integrity and should be worn during important transactions and negotiations.  It represents finding the path through an obstacle that agrees with both sides of a deal.   

Great combination of the frequencies of the causal and spirit planes made physical.