November Birthstone Citrine and Carnelian Elastic Bracelet
November Birthstone Citrine and Carnelian Elastic Bracelet

November Birthstone Citrine and Carnelian Elastic Bracelet

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November birthstone bracelet.  November is the eleventh month of the year.  The word Novem is the Latin name for nine.  Before our current Julian calendar, the year began with the first day of spring.  November was the 9th month.  The Roman's didn't change the name for the month of November even though they added January and February which made November the 11th month.

22 beads total: 14 citrine 7.7mm beads, 6 carnelian 6.4mm beads and 20 gold-plated silver spacer beads.  The internal circumference is 6 inches not stretched.  Easily fits up to a 6-3/8 inch wrist.

These natural Carnelian beads vary slightly, but approximately measure 6.4mm.

Citrine meaning:

There is a lot of Citrine stone in France.  The name citrine is derivation of a French word, citron, which means lemon.  Citrine is named after the fruit lemon because of the color of natural citrine.

Citrine metaphysical properties:

Citrine stone stimulates or activates the mental body and intellectual powers.  Citrine crystal enables the owner to formulate thought forms with greater clarity.  

Citrine healing properties:

Untreated Citrine has an overall tonifying effect.  Hold citrine if you need to safely detox. 

Natural Citrine stone benefits

Unheated Citrine - citrine that has not been treated - also tends to amplify cell regeneration - a must after surgery or a burn.  Natural Citrine is a very desirable psychological tool as it tends to turn off self-destructive inclinations.  So many Citrine gemstone benefits.  

Carnelian healing properties:

Carnelian agate is a truly magnificent crystal.  Opens up your heart chakra, bolsters your courage, aligns you with your purpose, speaks to you of your passion, harmonizes you with your children, especially your first born, and turns up the joy.  Great for heart health.  It feels good just holding it and even better wearing it.  Carnelian beads allow you to take this powerful life amplifier with you.