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Stone age cave paintings depict figures holding wands.  Hermes in Greek mythology - Mercury in Roman - holds a wand called a caduceus.  In tarot, the Magician holds his double-terminated wand upward, pointing to both the heavens and the earth, teaching us that "as above, so below."  One of the suits of the minor arcana is the suit of wands, representing the creative, fire element of that motto.  Curved wands dating back to 2800 BC have been excavated in Egypt.  Straight wands seem to have originated in northwestern Europe as a tool for garnering and directing energy.

Gemstone wands have the added advantage or wooden wands in that they attract and magnify through the qualities of the crystal.  Wands that are rounded on one end are ideal as massage tools.  The pointed end, if not too sharp, can be used to specifically direct the energy into acupressure points.