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Tarot, Books, Decks, Journals, Altar Cloths etc.

The tarot refers to a collection of archetypal images that people throughout the world universally respond to.  These images are about the expression of essential emotions, thoughts, spiritual quests and survival.  The images are arranged in a uniformly sized deck of 78 cards, the first 22 of which are the keys to understanding humanity's spiritual evolution.  The remaining 56 cards are what we know as the fours suits of playing cards with the usual court and pip cards number from 10 to 1 (ace).  

A large and changing selection of tarot decks.  Hypnosis and guided visualization compact discs.  Astrology books.  

As you gaze upon a particular tarot card image, you stir the equivalent of that image's archetypal essence within you and cause it to begin to surface into your consciousness.  For instance, staring at the Magician card will cause you to become more consciously aware of the part of you that embraces beginnings and employs greater use of all of your talents.

Fairy deck, Goddess deck, Undersea deck, Sacred Art deck, Morgan Greer deck, Tarot of the Trance deck, Transformational Tarot deck, and Phantasmagorphic deck.  The Complete Idiot's Guide Astrology Dictionary.